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Best Christmas Movies for Families on Netflix 

An animated film about a postman befriending a toy maker, perfect for family viewing. 

Klaus (2019) 

A musical adventure featuring a toymaker rediscovering passion, captivating for all ages. 

Jingle Jangle (2020)

Join siblings on a family adventure teaming up with Santa, suitable for the whole family. 

The Christmas Chronicles (2018) 

A romantic comedy with a festive switch, providing wholesome entertainment for families. 

The Princess Switch (2018) 

A heartwarming film based on John Boyne’s book, appealing to both kids and adults. 

A Boy Called Christmas (2021) 

Experience the holiday magic as a family switches places, bringing laughter and joy. 

Family Switch (2023) 

A stop-motion animation about a robin stealing a Christmas wish, a delightful family treat. 

Robin Robin (2021)