Top Things You Must Know About Underworld Mafia Dawood Ibrahim


Born: December 26, 1955, in Mumbai, India. Started his first robbery of 4,75,000 INR from Metropolitan Bank at the age of 19. Caught by his Police Father Later on.


Business: Started D Company to start operations in real estate, drug trafficking, extortion, and other illegal activities across the glob.


Criminal Influence in Cricket: Accused of involvement in match-fixing scandals in cricket, influencing the sport through illegal means.


1993 Mumbai Bombings: Allegedly masterminded the coordinated bombings in Mumbai, resulting in widespread destruction and loss of lives in 1993.


Global Terrorist Designation: Designated as a global terrorist by the United States in 2003, highlighting his involvement in transnational criminal activities.


Bollywood Connections: Dawood Ibrahim's influence has infiltrated the Indian film industry, with some actors and filmmakers allegedly having links to his organization. 


Alleged Pakistan Connection: Speculated to have found refuge in Pakistan and to maintain close ties with elements within the Pakistani establishment.


Family Revelations: – Family members, including his nephew Alishah Ibrahim, disclosed details about Dawood's life in Karachi, revealing a hidden existence and allegations of a second marriage.