Tech Revolution 2024: Remote Flexibility, Job Security, and Hot Roles in Demand – A Deep Dive into Europe’s Tech Workers Wish list!

Buckle up, tech giants! Brace yourselves for Tech Revolution 2024 where Europe’s code warriors are demanding more than just free lattes and beanbag chairs. Gone are the days of ping-pong tables and lukewarm lukewarm pizza nights. Forget the hustle, ditch the grind – Europe’s tech workers are craving blended lives, not just blended coffees. They want remote options, flexible schedules, and a chance to code in their PJs with their pet dragon curled up beside them.

This ain’t your grandpa’s tech boom – it’s the era of the “blender,” and their demands are hotter than a triple-core processor under overclock. Ready to spice up your tech talent pool? Read on, and learn how to land the best coders in the EU.

  • Remote and Flexible Work Dominates Desires: A recent Gallup poll reveals that 55% of the professional workforce, termed “blenders,” prefer jobs where work and life blend throughout the day. In 2024, top tech roles, especially for knowledge workers engaged in technical tasks like coding, prioritize remote or fully flexible options.
  • Optimism and Job Security: After a challenging year for European tech, with startups cutting hiring and reduced pay increases, job security takes precedence in 2024. Tech workers seek optimism around their future job prospects, aiming for stability after a year of uncertainty.
  • Premium on Benefits: European tech professionals rank benefits high on their priority list. Private health insurance (54%), cycle-to-work schemes, and home office allowances (51%) top the list. Professional development funds (45%) and mental health service subscriptions (44%) round out the most-wanted benefits.


  • In-Demand Tech Roles in 2024:
    1. Industrial Metaverse: Deloitte’s Tech Trends report predicts job opportunities in spatial technologies, digital twins, spatial simulation, augmented work instructions, and collaborative digital spaces, enhancing safety and efficiency in industrial applications.
    2. Generative AI: The rapid adoption of generative AI, especially seen in technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is creating demand for roles like AI models and prompt engineers, interface designers, AI content creators, and ethics and governance specialists.
    3. Data Science: With increased digitalization and cloud migration, the importance of harnessing big data grows. Roles for data scientists, analysts, engineers, architects, machine learning engineers, and business intelligence professionals are expected to be in high demand.


  • Work Styles Matter: Understanding the preferences of “splitters” and “blenders” in the workforce is crucial. Gallup’s findings indicate that leaders often underestimate the number of “splitters” who prefer clear boundaries between work and personal time. Recognizing and aligning with employees’ work styles contributes to increased engagement and productivity.

In summary, as tech workers step into 2024, they prioritize flexible work options, job security, and premium benefits, while the industry sees rising demand for roles in the industrial metaverse, generative AI, and data science. Understanding and respecting diverse work styles emerge as key factors for effective leadership and organizational success.

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