UCF’s Best Game of 2023: Dominant Victory Over Oklahoma State and Thrilling Showdown Against Georgia Tech in Gasparilla Bowl

In a spectacular showcase of collegiate athleticism, UCF delivered an unforgettable performance in 2023, solidifying its reputation with two standout games that etched their mark as the best of the season. The Knights left a lasting impression with a dominant victory over Oklahoma State, unleashing a relentless offensive display that showcased their prowess.

Additionally, the thrilling showdown against Georgia Tech in the Gasparilla Bowl added another layer to UCF’s remarkable year, creating moments of intensity and excitement that resonated with fans. Let’s delve into the highlights of these games that collectively define UCF’s best sporting moments in 2023

UFC Best Matches

  1. UCF vs Oklahoma State 2023: A Knightmare for the Cowboys

In a clash for the ages, UCF left the Oklahoma State Cowboys reeling in a spectacular 45-3 victory. Let us look at a breakdown of the key moments that turned this game into an unforgettable Knightmare for the 15th-ranked Cowboys:

  • UCF Offense Shines: The Knights wasted no time, setting the tone with a direct snap touchdown to RJ Harvey on the opening drive. Watch the play unfold here.
  • Plumlee to Hudson Connection: John Rhys Plumlee showcased UCF’s explosive passing game with a 75-yard touchdown pass to Jayden Hudson early in the second quarter.
  • Dominant Running Game: UCF’s rushing attack was unstoppable, with Javon Baker’s 42-yard touchdown run leaving Cowboy defenders grasping at air. Relive the run here.
  • Oklahoma State’s Struggles: Spencer Sanders’ early interception to Isaiah Bowser set the stage for UCF’s offensive onslaught. Special teams woes and a defensive collapse contributed to the Cowboys’ lowest-scoring performance of the 2023 season.
  • Celebration in Orlando: The Bounce House was rocking as UCF’s electric crowd created an intimidating atmosphere. Post-game, UCF players celebrated with fans, marking a defining moment in the Knights’ rise to national prominence.

In summary, If we see, the 2023 UCF vs Oklahoma State game was a masterclass in offensive execution by the Knights, delivering a humbling reminder to the Cowboys that even the best teams can be vulnerable.

Now let’s look at the another best game we believe was worth witnessing,

UCF Football 2023


  1. UCF vs Georgia Tech 2023 Gasparilla Bowl: A Thrilling Showdown

The 2023 Gasparilla Bowl witnessed a thrilling showdown between UCF and Georgia Tech, with the Yellow Jackets emerging victorious at 30-17. Though UCF didn’t secure the win, the game was packed with exciting moments:

  • Georgia Tech’s Strong Start: The Yellow Jackets took an early lead with a 40-yard pass from Zach Pyron to EJ Jenkins, setting the tone for their offensive prowess. Tech’s defense held UCF scoreless in the first quarter.
  • UCF’s Fight Back: The Knights responded with a second-quarter touchdown from John Rhys Plumlee to Jayvon Baker, narrowing the gap to a 10-point game at halftime.
  • Second-Half Drama: Both teams traded field goals in the third quarter, keeping the score close. In the fourth quarter, Georgia Tech sealed the win with two more touchdowns, including a decisive 1-yard rush by Kyric McGowan.
  • Best Moments: EJ Jenkins’ leaping touchdown catch, Jayvon Baker’s weaving touchdown reception, and Kyric McGowan’s determined touchdown run were standout moments in an overall well-played and exciting game.

who scored the winning touchdown in the UCF vs. Georgia Tech game?

The winning touchdown scorer in the UCF vs. Georgia Tech game at the 2023 Gasparilla Bowl was Haynes King, the quarterback for Georgia Tech. King threw a touchdown pass and ran for another score, including a 5-yard touchdown run and a 41-yard scoring toss to Malik Rutherford in the final 4 minutes of the game, helping Georgia Tech overcome a 14-point deficit to secure a 30-17 victory.

While UCF fell short, the Gasparilla Bowl showcased the strengths of both teams, providing fans with a thrilling display of college football action.

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